The wait is over! Or well just beginning…Final Fantasy VII

So I woke up this morning, checked a few of  my social media accounts and this happened…

The Final Fantasy VII remake I have always wanted is finally in production.

I know this means I will have to relive Aerith’s Gainsboroughs death but I am so excited about this, I have wanted it for ages and now it’s finally confirmed! I can not wait for this but I suppose the wait will enable me to save up for a ps4 haha

Other games I am looking forward to playing are Nier which I loved the first game, I thought it was such a beautiful game and The Last Guardian, which given the last 2 games in the title I presume will be another game to blur the line between game and Art.


The Last Guardian

Also special mention goes out to Horizon Zero Dawn, I will probably never play this game as it’s not really my style of gameplay but I thought the concept and story behind it was a great idea.

Horizon Zero Dawn

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