Sunday Without God Review, Beautiful treat not just for the eye’s and ears [spoilers]

Ai will save the world Sunday Without God

Ai will save the world

Sunday Without God or ‘Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi’ is an anime that took my breath away from the beginning with it’s beautiful visuals and sound track. It is an anime about a girl who lost her mum and lives as a grave-keeper…only in this world no one is allowed to die, and grave-keepers are mystical beings that are the only one’s that can put the dead to rest by burying them.

I thought this was a very interesting concept, I mean we all say we want to live forever but what if that actually became a reality. Our bodies ever slowly decaying our minds going ever so slightly each day until nothing is left but a remnant of you in a remnant of your body and then eventually dust?

Anyway after introducing these concepts the anime introduces Ai’s (the female protagonist) dad and then we see a lovely arc where she gets to grow closer to her dad but then eventually has to say goodbye and from this point she starts traveling with her dad’s friend and another grave-keeper they met.

Ortis the city of the dead - Sunday Without God

Ortis the city of the dead

They eventually arrive at my favorite arc of her journey the City of the Dead Ortis, I thought this city was amazingly designed and this arc is also interesting because she meets the best girl of the season (I think) Princess Ulla who is the princess of Ortis. I personally wished this Ortis arc lasted longer as I thought the city was beautiful and the characters and their back story was pretty interesting. But alas it was not meant to be and they finish up their business and move on.

Ai Astin Jump - Sunday Without God

Ai Astin

The next arc I wasn’t to fond of it was basically a high school drama arc which i don’t mind high school drama anime’s it just didn’t fit in for me, however I suppose it introduced some important characters for the last arc. The last Arc was interesting where the group go to an almost alternative reality that seems to good to be true in this world, but it’s not all that it seems and the characters work together to try and end this world. I thought the way Dee changed was interesting as she went from looking after Alice to trying to work against his ideal of ending the world, although she did it for love of him.

I loved the ending of this anime, where Dee realizes that she isn’t actually dead and her getting her selfish wish will only hurt the one she loved. And I must admit that how selfless Alice is brought a tear to my eye, but to me the fact that he survives despite all the selflessness to me kinda made the last Arc pointless.

But overall I loved this Anime and thought it was a major treat for the eye’s and ears as the music was beautiful too and complimented the art brilliantly, I can only hope that this series continues it was a pleasure to watch.

Princess Ulla Euleus Hecmatika

Princess Ulla Euleus Hecmatika my favorite 😀

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