Summer 2015 Anime Simulcasts First Impressions

Here I’m going to List all the Summer 2015 Anime Simulcasts that are giving me a good vibe from the first episode and my thoughts and first impressions. This will be updated as more are released.



First up is Gate, my first impressions of this are that it looks like a really interesting idea done well so far, I love the fact that the monsters and people who came through the gate are not overpowered and are easily dispatched, it gives the Anime more believability and also brings up an interesting premise of what might happen if these 2 worlds really did collide. The heart string tug of the little girl who lost her family member added a nice touch of reasoning to the story of how these events mite be affecting the people of that world, and I can’t help but think she will have further significance to the story but that could just be my interpretation.

I also enjoy the mix of seriousness and comedy making it not too heavy on the action and drama, both of which I do not mind by the way! But a bit of fun and humour can really help you relate I think. I definitely think I will be following this one through to the end given the first impressions and look forward to seeing how it develops.



This one looks like it’s going to be a real laugh, the art looks pretty decent too which is always a bonus when I’m choosing anime to watch, I love the premise of the main guy not being a out and out good guy trying to save everybody, nothing wrong with the that when it’s done well but it can get stale. But anyway who wouldn’t use power to further your own means 😉 haha

It will be interesting to see this school and how they will go about these ‘badguys’ they mentioned, me personally I would like them to keep going the investigative route. I will also enjoy seeing the other characters personalities but for me Ayu is winning as best character for now haha

Rokka – Braves of the six flowers


This one looks fun, a bit of adventure for the season. Plus princess Nashetania seems like a good character so far be good to see what the rest of the crew turn out like 🙂

Wakaba * Girl


The season dose of kawai seems to be Wakaba * Girl, it fulfils it’s quota, I also like that it’s nice and short so they don’t have to stretch anything out, it will be interesting to see if this can keep it’s charm 🙂

Non  Non Biyori Repeat


Woo so glad this one is back, more Kawai for the season, glad to see it’s still as calming and relaxing, while still being fun as that last series. Really looking forward to my Mondays now 🙂

The art in this one almost takes my breath away too 🙂




Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls


Ok I’ll admit when I first saw this one advertised I thought it would be mindless ecchi, but after watching the first episode I am quite impressed! The concept is great tackling the integration of 2 species, which is usually done with aliens, but the spin of using monsters instead is a great idea. Also the Art and Voice acting is top notch, I’m really impressed from the first episode let’s see if this keeps impressing me 🙂



What can I say about that first episode but WOW! Really caught me off guard haha I can see this one shaping up to be a winner for the season if it carries on like that haha I was really just thinking oh this is another moe thing then they hit you with the dark stuff, really impressed!



Ok this one is amazing! I love shows that personify the secret otaku culture as I kind of relate to it haha I think that’s why I liked Oriemo so much 🙂 I think the next image more than expresses my feelings for this show 😉


More to come as I watch them…

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