Re:Zero Rem’s unrequited love / no happy ending / can everyone be happy?

Re:Zero Happiness

All the time while watching re:zero I was constantly feeling sorry for Subaru, apart from the constant mental torture, being trapped in a world he knows nothing about…and the more than occasional painful death…the fact that his feelings might never reach Emilia no matter how much he tried, because every time he felt he had made progress the world was reset.

Although when Emilia started to recognise him and care about him if only a little I thought that this anime might have a chance of a happy ending…then Rem’s confession happened…and my heart broke…and I realised that just like most anime harems everyone can’t be happy here.

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I was crushed when Subaru rejected her because in my eyes they are a much better fit than Subaru X Emilia. For one thing, in this world at least, they are of the same status and see each other as equals, Rem also actually loves Subaru for who he is, where as for Emilia I get the feeling she still doesn’t quite know how she feels, if she feels anything at all for him, and might possibly see him as a burden, I also feel Rem would be good for Subaru and actually look after him and be a supportive dependable partner.

re:zero Subaru Rem

Therefore I’m not sure everyone can be happy in the end anymore, if he gets with Emilia, Rem will finally have to face facts that she can’t have him and possibly be crushed by the realisation. If however he does get rejected by Emilia he will most likely go back to Rem which I feel would not be fair on either of them, because they will both know that it’s not what he really wanted.

Re:Zero Rem Hurt Re:Zero Rem Sad

In the end we can only hope that the writers of the show can find someway to make everyone happy, or dare I say it maybe the best option is that nobody get’s together. We can only hope for the best 🙂

Re:Zero Rem Subaru Happy
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