Oreimo, worth the journey, An Oreimo review [spoilers]

oreimo worth the journey

oreimo worth the journey

Oreimo got me bad, like an anime hasn’t done for a long while! I think I watched all the episodes including the OVAs in less than a week.

I mean there was just so much win about it, the characters were all interesting and fun, the character development was amazing! The soundtrack was pretty good with little differences in nearly all opening videos. I just loved this show.

I had heard about this show for a while but I was never madly into watching it, it was just one of my to do lists. But straightaway I was sucked into the first season as soon as the first episode had ended. I suppose one of the reasons was I could relate to Kirino a little as I’m a massive anime fan but I never really talked about it. And Kyousuke was such an amazing person always sticking up for his little sister and other people and helping them with their problems, even at his own expense.

So I continued to watch the show and watched the development of Kirino making friends who shared her interest and this again rang out to me, it looked so fun to talk about something you are so passionate about with other people just as passionate about it. So I am now trying to gain friends who like anime just like me I have joined a few forums and I’m trying to talk about anime more freely now…at least on the Internet haha that’s kinda what this blogs about.

Anyway season 1 ended I then watched the OVA’s or true route episodes and this was where my favorite element of the anime was beginning to plant its seeds. So I finished the OVA’s and moved onto season 2.

Season 2 started out following on from the OVA’s rather than the series end which was great as their was some series character development in the OVA’s. Anyway the series continued and I enjoyed the episodes of them all just having fun. Then we get to Kureneko’s confession, this made me fall in love with this anime even more, I mean I had seen something like this coming all along but I never expected it to happen I thought it would be like most anime’s where the anime ends on the confession. But I’m so glad I was wrong the Kyousuke and Kureneko relationship is one of the best parts about this anime if not the best in my opinion.

Kureneko's Confession

Kureneko’s Confession

The way that she tries to convince him of all the things he can look forward to in a relationship with her and then the way they are both really excited about it, I imagine this is the way I’d act haha but then how they are both honest with each other about how it’s new to them and they agree to ‘tick all the boxes’ as such by following Kureneko’s plans, I thought this was such a cute romance.

This unfortunately tho led to one of my most heartbreaking parts in anime the breakup just how she suddenly ends it and how upset Kyousuke is afterwords you can really tell he cared for her. This did however lead to some touching moment like when Kirino comforts him and looks after him. It also leads to a few funny parts later but to me this was my favorite part of the anime. The rest is history as they say it’s enjoyable but it didn’t really give me the feels much after this and the second set of OVA’s just kinda ruined it for me so I’m gonna pretend they don’t exist haha

This anime is the reason I can start to be myself.

Kyousuke and Kureneko

Kyousuke and Kureneko

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