My Top Anime of 2018

It’s not until you look back over the anime that aired this year that you actually realise how much anime is coming out lately, it’s loads! And quite a few of them are really good as well! It also surprises me sometimes what I watched this year I often see things and think wow that aired this year that feels like ages ago since I watched it or vice versa where something came out years ago and I could have sworn it released this year. This year was like all years very hard for me to narrow down my choices to just a few but I will try and be very strict with myself this year and only choose a few that really stood out for me or left a lasting impression, so without further ado here we go.

Violet Evergarden

I feel this was such an ambitious anime to pull off a movie quality anime in a tv series format, I had read a lot about this before hand and was expecting it to be grand and it did not disappoint this anime looked beautiful! Admittedly a slow start but when it got going it had all the emotions I’d come to expect from work by Kyoto Animation

Yuru Camp△

This was an amazing relaxing but fun anime that if I am being completely honest I would put up there with K-on! in the cute girls doing cute things genre! The series is about a group of girls going camping…but the way they portray this makes it one of the comfiest and most relaxing anime out there!

3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season (March comes in like a lion)

A continuing anime from last year everyone knows how much I love this anime from the way it portrays it’s themes and emotions to it’s art direction it is just so good!

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho(A Place Further Than The Universe)

An emotional ride from start to finish some scenes in this where amazing such as the running through the streets scene really makes the emotions flow! And the pay off at the end was a great way to end, plus seeing the characters grow was a real treat!

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

I have been waiting for a sequel to this anime for years I absolutely love all the characters and relationships in this anime and the sequel did not disappoint!


I know this did’nt strike a chord with everyone but for me this was such a powerful and emotional anime, I really enjoyed watching the characters going through the motions and how they chose to deal with the situations that were thrust upon them, the art was great to and fit the style perfectly.

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku)

While this show was not exactly a massive spectacle in terms of visuals I felt the emotions and relationships in this were portrayed amazingly and made me really care about the relationships!

There were many other amazing anime out this year but like I mentioned I have tried to be strict with myself to my stand out shows of the year for me, hit me up on twitter @animelifeuk if you would like to talk anime 🙂

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