Let’s all be Kemono Friends

Why I loved Kemono Friends when I shouldn’t?

Kemono friends is one of them anime I would usually take one look at and skip, it’s mainly 3DCG which usually doesn’t fill me with hope, it looked very simple like it was just going to be another kids show with very little substance, and the premise didn’t seem to grab me…I couldn’t be more wrong!

I loved this show!

I did try and watch it at the start of the season thinking it was a short show like 3-4 mins long but when I loaded it up and saw 24 mins I turned it off as I didn’t think it had enough about it to be worth  24 minutes a week of my life. My interest was peaked again when I started to see a lot of fan art appearing, and a lot of anime fans discussing it or slipping it into conversation, I figured if it was gaining this much attention it was at least worth a 3 episode shot and I am glad to say it passed 🙂


As the story starts we are introduced to an amnesiac girl Bag-chan who awakens in a land she doesn’t know, she then meets a cat girl called Serval-chan, who is the anthropomorphised version of a serval cat. Though out the story we are introduced to more of these anthropomorphised girls who all seem to realize their existence as human hybrids who were once animals but never seem to focus much on this fact, and that’s just the start of these questions, though out the story we are introduced to abandoned buildings and relicts of ancient technology, all the while seemingly overlooked as just another part of the scenery by the Kemono girls until bag-chan or boss(lucky-beast) points out that there may be more to these than just scenery. And this is the charm of Kemono Girls for me, the adventures to these many different realms and the uncovering of the past that slowly unfolds as we travel with these girls. On the surface it is an episodic carefree adventure to find Bag-chans past but as we travel we realise Bag-chans past is closely related to the parks past.


The art for the girls is simple although I feel that is effective for this anime’s carefree, comedic feel. The backgrounds are quite a bit more detailed though and add to the sense of adventure greatly as we discover a new environment each episode. Overall though the show does a good job of creating a post apocalyptic world even if this is not the main focus of the day to day life of the girls.


The animation is simple 3DCG, this adds to the comedy though and so doesn’t detract much from the work and works well for the type of show it is. Like I mentioned that backgrounds are good.

Character Design

The character designs are fun, each character is based of their respective animals and you can see they had fun with this, with varying colours and animal features.

Voice Acting

The voice actors were cute, I have read a few people saying they were very rough but I personally didn’t think they were bad and they fit the characters well, I especially loved the professor(Mikami, Shiori) and Serval-Chan (Ozaki, Yuka) voices.


There are only really a few songs to this series, but what they do have I really enjoyed, the dance/drum and bass track that plays in the action sequences really get’s you in the mood for action, and the ending theme I thought was a great song  that finished the show of nicely especially on cliff hangers, I enjoyed it so much I continued listening too even after I had finished the series! 😀

My highlights

I fell in love with the professor  so she is definitely my favourite character from the show but they were all cute to be fair! The background art was great and really created the sense of being in an abandoned/post apocalyptic world. The music during the action scenes was great and the ending theme is a great song. My main praise is how this anime was layered up, on the surface it’s just cute girls on an adventure but there are always subtle hints to a darker life of isolation in Crested Ibis’s case or the friends just generally confused about how to adapt to there new body’s is a recurring theme, see Beaver or Lion. And of course  the recurring bad guys that they are forced to deal with.

Final Thoughts

I loved this show it was a very fun watch with very cute characters, it looks like they did a lot with what they had to play with and I can only hope we see more Kemono Friends in the future 🙂

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