K anime Review, stylishly cool with plenty of action [spoiler]

Neko - K

Neko – K

K or ‘k-project’ was something I just stumbled across after subscribing to anime on demand I hadn’t really heard much about it but I had seen some images of Neko on Crunchyroll I believe, but I am so glad I started watching it.

I would say the first thing that attracted me to K was the cool music and the futuristic japan setting I thought both of these tied in well and gave me an interesting world to get to know, the second thing that kept me watching was Neko haha she was so cute and a great character.

Neko wants Snacks - K

Neko wants Snacks – K

However the story wasn’t lacking either with the kings being like gods with their tribes following them, I also thought sector 4 was the best clan as they were so organised and well dressed and did things for the people rather than abusing their power like the reds. And they also explained away the back story as well which I always like, so it’s not just a case of oh and these guys just have powers accept it.

I also love how it keeps you guessing the whole way through as to whether Shiro is a bad guy or not. The twist at the end explained it quite well where he is actually the bad guy but it wasn’t him. I honestly thought ┬átho for a few episodes that he was the bad guy but was just really clever about it.

Then the last school yard arc was a great climax with the final battle between the gods and you get to see that maybe having all this power comes with it’s drawbacks, your effectively alone in the world destined to fight.

A last side note I have to hand it to the robots they were hilarious

Neko vs Robot - K

Neko vs Robot – K

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