Chuunibyou Review, Lots of fun and a beautiful ending. [spoilers]


‘Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai’! or ‘Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions’ is a story about  a boy who was kinda a weirdo when he was younger but is trying to leave that past behind him and move on. Little does he know  that his past is what will lead to his future happiness.

Chuunibyou starts off by introducing the characters and explaining a little about them and is generally just full of jokes and fun which is fine and enjoyable, but about half way through the series it starts to show it’s more serious side and it does it brilliantly. For me it all started with the trip to their hometown where you find out that no one in Rikka’s family accepts her the way she is and you also find out the reason Rikka tries to escape to this other world of hers.

During this trip Yūta realizes why Rikka acts the way she does and his opinion of her begins to change and the two begin to grow closer. While they grow closer Rikka starts to feel this feeling that she cannot explain and so tries to explain it through her delusions I thought this was quite a sweet take on the feelings of love. However she cannot continue like this and one of their friends who understands what she is going through explains it to her and then tries to help her confess to him. Through all this meddling Yūta starts to realize his own feelings and resolves to confess to Rikka.

The confession is quite a beautiful moment it takes place under a bridge a-midst the lights of the city and I also loved that Rikka confessed first and then goes all cute and embarrassed. One of the parts of the confession that I preferred is the way she kisses him with her pinky because she’s to embarrassed to hug or do anything else the normal way. and with this they start dating and getting closer.

Rikka Yuta Confession

Rikka and Yutas Confession

The next big change in the anime is when Rikka’s sister who she is living with has to move out and she tells Yūta that Rikka will now be living with her mother who doesn’t really accept the way she is and so she asks Yūta to try and get Rikka to get over her delusions and accept reality. Yūta agrees with this and asks Rikka to let her delusions go and that this would be best for everyone.

Rikka begrudgingly accepts this because she wants to please Yūta and begins to work towards accepting the reality of her dads death and tries to release her delusions so that her mum will be happy. However her delusions were the only way Rikka knew how to interact with the world so she has a hard time adapting. Yūta see’s this but believes that this is probably the best way for her and encourages her to face reality  and to go with her mother to visit her dads grave. He see’s her off at the station and get’s into a confrontation with one of Rikka’s friends who also shares her delusions about what is best for Rikka.

Time passes and Yūta learns that Rikka has decided to stay in her hometown in order keep her mum and grandparents happy. This is not what Yūta wanted and he also see’s that Rikka giving up her delusions is hurting her and has taken all the magic in the world away from her. He then realizes that maybe delusions aren’t so bad and makes peace with his past and decides to go rescue her. So he travels to where she is and presents his own delusions to her and tells her that she should be who she wants to be and not who everyone wants her to be and then he helps her accept her fathers death her way through her delusions.

Rikka goodbye father

Rikka’s goodbye to her father

I thought the last half of this anime was beautiful and the relationship between Yūta and Rikka is quite sweet and I learned that sometimes it’s best to handle things your way and be who you are rather than breaking yourself just to fit in with someone else’s ideas of normal.

Rikka Goodbye

Rikka’s Goodbye

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