Akira Review [Spoilers]


Wow, I don’t remember ever watching Akira before and given it’s cult status I knew I had to give it a try!

The story is great and it’s a very interesting concept of where the the world seems to be going, the idea that human hedonism (which I think is already prevalent in todays society) is shaping a new massive city in which violence and selfishness is so prevalent that the authorities can not control it.

In this city one kid is tired of being looked after by his older, stronger friend and this warps his mind in that he is sick of this world he can’t do anything about. Then all of a sudden he get’s this immense about of power, almost out of no where and decides to finally show the world he can’t be walked over anymore. Then his ego get’s the better of him when he hears about a power that is supposedly greater than his and he sets out to prove he is the strongest. This is an interesting idea in that given supreme power someone would eventually turn corrupt and selfish because no one can stop them this is evident in the scene where he kills the bar tender who tries to ask for money for something he wants but he believes he is so powerful that he should get whatever he wants.

In the end we learn that all this came about through human experimentation and a power hungry government, as well as a few mad scientists thrown in for good measure. A story of man wanting to obtain the powers of god, which never ends well. In the end the world is saved through the selflessness of children, the other results of the experimentations.

I think this story is great how they touch on all these subjects in one film and yet still keep to the main arc of the story and conclude it, I can see why this film has such a cult status 🙂

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